"Only 21.8% of adults had an employer pension plan…

Source: 2014 Federal Survey, federalreserve.gov; 2015 Report on the Economic Well-Being of U.S. Households in 2014.

Top Three Results

To provide you with a private pension paying $8,000.00 per month for your lifetime, the best possible rate will be from one of these three companies. Select "Next" to see your new portfolio allocation.

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Responsible Investing Begins Here

To provide you with a private pension paying $8,000.00 per month for your lifetime, the best possible rate will be from one of these three companies. Select "Next" to see your new portfolio allocation.

Portfolio A
Moderately Conservative
Yearly Asset Based Fee
Portfolio B
Yearly Asset Based Fee
Portfolio C
Moderate Growth
Yearly Asset Based Fee
Portfolio D
Moderately Aggressive
Yearly Asset Based Fee
Portfolio E
Yearly Asset Based Fee
Portfolio Allocation: Select Select Confirm Select Select
Large Cap Equities: 9% 12% 20% 30% 30%
Mid Cap Equities: 4% 12% 22% 26% 27%
Small Cap Equities: 11% 15% 18% 28% 31%
Utilities: 5% 10% 10% 10% 11%
High Yield Bond: 10% 11% 8%
Multisector Bond: 14% 10% 5%
Floating Rate: 10% 12% 8%
Short Term Bond: 32% 14% 6% 5%
Cash & Equivalents: 5% 4% 3% 1% 1%

Hybrid Investment

To provide you with a private pension paying $8,000.00 per month for your lifetime, the best possible rate will be from one of these three companies. Select "Next" to see your new portfolio allocation.

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We're Great At…

Creating Guaranteed Income1

It's important because experts suggest you’ll need 85% or more of your current income to continue your lifestyle when you retire. They also suggest spending 4 to 5% a year, adjusted for inflation, in order to sustain portfolio withdrawals for a period of up to 30 years or longer.

What we do?

We do things differently

We are dedicated to helping you build a guaranteed1 income plan to cover essential expenses. Then, we can turn our attention to low-cost, responsible investing.

I ncome is the fuel for lifestyle in retirement. Once we create a stable foundation of income, the burden of risk against assets can become significantly less. Supplementing one of our fee-based investment portfolios with a private pension* sounds like a great way to secure your retirement.

*Private Pensions are typically funded by longevity, income & qlac annuities - or income riders issued and guaranteed by life insurance companies. Benefits are not insured by the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC & PBGC MEP).

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Our awesome core competencies

We're another brand of the Financial Trade Center™ family of companies. Providing high quality, conflict free financial advice for twenty-nine years.


Out of box thinking and top notch advice when it comes to your money.

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Create your income plan, now let's insure it by using tax-free life insurance to take care of your family.

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Big time access to logic and algorithms intelligently fused with experienced advisor DNA.

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Integrating annuities into an investment plan is nothing new. Using our innovative technology to get it right, brilliant!

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What we're all about…

Choose Financial Trade Center™

Because since 1990, we've lived a philosophy of helping our clients solve their toughest financial problems - while delivering high quality, unconflicted investment advice.

What we'll do

We'll help to improve your overall finances and provide greater peace-of-mind.

We are dedicated to providing you with the best experience possible. Read below to find out why the sky's the limit when using PRIVATEPENSION.COM.

Create Guaranteed Income

Without clarity, you send a very garbled message out to the Universe.

Low-cost Investing

We know that the Law of Attraction says that we will attract what.

Provide Liquidity

we focus on, so if we don’t have clarity, we will attract confusion.

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